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The Right Camera for This Particular Situation

Recently a client hired us to create a new open for their TV show, “Chosen Generation”. The program takes place as part of the church’s regular Sunday services. The challenge was to shoot everything we needed in just two services with the church’s existing lighting. We would shoot it with two cameras, one on a jib and one on a slider. The trouble was the huge range in light levels between the main story elements, the pastor and his people. The crowd seating was mostly in the dark with the stage brightly lit. How could we move quickly, and capture both ends of this contrasty scene? The answer for this project was the Red Epic. Shooting in 4K certainly created a lot of media, but the trade-off was that all the information was there from the dark crowd to the bright stage. We shot everything at ISO 1000 and adjusted the exposure with a combination of shutter, and iris to get it close, or as Kevin Lang put it, “A fat worm in the histogram”. With the Red, we could bounce back and forth between high speed and regular speed easily on the fly. The results were plenty of beautiful images. Red cameras aren’t perfect for every shoot, but when you have to cover a scene with a lot of contrast quickly, it’s a nice tool to have around.

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