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The Day We Met Chili

Ben had been looking to add a new crewmember to the Image Garden team for some time, but who to choose for this important position? One particular day, Chris “Chili” Horton was on set to gain some experience as a free PA. The last shot of the day required kicking a soccer ball past a gas dryer into a goal. It was the punch line shot at the end of a commercial for Florida Public Utilities. To get the shot, position and timing had to be just right. This required kicking the ball time after time until it was perfect. After every take, the soccer ball had to be cleared out of the background before we could begin shooting again. That’s when Ben first noticed the blur of hustle and poise. Take after take; Chili would jet thru the scene collecting soccer balls. At the end of the day, the deal was sealed; Chili would become an intern, and then full time employee soon after that. Chili’s energy and skills have been delighting clients for over a year now and Chili’s bright personality adds to the flavor of every production we do.

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